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Larry Williams

Lawrence Lowell Williams

Также известно как: L. Williams, Larry "Larr-Dog" Williams, Larry "The Horn" Williams, Larry O. Williams, Lawrence Lowell (Larry) Williams, Lawrence Lowell Williams, Lawrence Williams, Williams
Группа в интернете: http://willyworldmusic.com, http://seawindjazz.com

Дискография Larry Williams:

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[b]Keyboards, sax, flute player and arranger[/b], whose early session work includes the distinctive sax solo on Sheila E's The Glamorous Life (1984) and keyboards/sax on Michael Jackson's Thriller, Off The Wall, Bad, and HIStory. He regularly tours and records with Al Jarreau. His sax is featured in the motion picture Dreamgirls (2006), several Grammy Awards telecasts in the '00s, and he composed orchestra arrangements for Christina Aguilera's Christmas Special (2000). His 1970s jazz group Seawind reunited in 2009. Please note that the composer of Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Slow Down, Bad Boy (e.g. Beatles) is [A=Larry Williams (3)]

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