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Dead Residents

Члены группы Dead Residents: Chud Jackson, Junior Disprol
Группа в интернете: http://www.sin-nombre.co.uk/

Дискография Dead Residents:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Pigeon Street EP 4 audio iTunes 2005 Sin Nombre
2 D.R.O.P. EP 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
3 D.R.O.P. EP 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
4 D.R.O.P. 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
5 D.R.O.P. (Promo Mix) 12 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
6 D.R.O.P. 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
7 Dead Thy Neighbour 16 audio iTunes 2014-09-05 Don’t Talk To Strangers

Consisting of Junior Disprol and Chud Jackson, Dead Residents have been around since the late eighties where they used to go by the name C75 (Circus 75). Its here that cooked up their early work making pause mix demos with a disco mic and a busted Hyper value Amstrad 4 track. Aint nothing really changed since then. If anyone in the UK scene deserves the title ‘Legend’, then it’s probably Junior Disprol. This is a man who has firmly established himself over the years with a solid run of underground releases, freestyles and live shows. Having recorded along side respected artists such as Aspects, Hard Livin, Cappo, Taskforce, Roots Manuva, Doyen D and Sir Beans OBE, Disprol has cemented his reputation for spitting vivid, psychological hooliganism and raw imagery. He has also been on some bonafide classic records, including the now infamous track ‘Jungwaffle’ with Evil Ed, Alkaline, Skellaton and Jehst. Now Disprol once again come together with his long time sparring partner Chud Jackson to make their presence known. Constructing some fucked up sonic backdrops, assisted by Sir Doofus and fellow Sin Nombre associates Optimas Prime, this is straight up hip-hop with nothing but hard beats and hard rhymes. This is a case of paranoid, abrasive, intelligent and thought provoking prose, married perfectly to crusty bass heavy abominations , industrial soundscapes , textures and funk. Non pretentious audio massacres for ghettoblasters across the nation.

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