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Charles Cannon

Charley William Cannon

Также известно как: C. Cannon, C. W. Cannon, C.A. Cannon, C.Cannon, C.W. Cannon, C.W.Cannon, Cannon, Canon, Charles W. Cannon, Charles W.Cannon, Charlie Cannon, S. Cannon, W. C. Cannon, W.C. Cannon

Дискография Charles Cannon:

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Afro-American singer, author, composer, vocalist (born in Alabama, USA) who lives in Italy holding various roles in the music, becoming a great interpreter of contemporary soul music, R.& B. and since 2003 also of the genre defined Gospel with which forms [i]The Gospel Charlie's Angels[/i] by developing his own personal style. His first Gospel CD [i]Charlie Cannon Roots[/i], by [l=Edizioni Musicali Pinciana Music] receives remarkable success, as well as his single [i]Fallin' in Love[/i]. He wrote songs for artists such as [a=Mike Francis] & [a=Amii Stewart]. As vocalist attends last European tour of prestigious [a=Platters, The] & international tours of [a=Zucchero], [a=Milva], [a=Renato Zero]. Still sings with his band in live shows.

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