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Shawn Desman

Shawn Bosco Fernandes

Также известно как: S. Desman, Shawn Desmann
Группа в интернете: http://www.shawndesman.com/, https://www.facebook.com/ShawnDesman, https://twitter.com/DaRealSD, http://instagram.com/darealsd

Дискография Shawn Desman:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Don't Want To Lose You 5 audio iTunes 1999 SPG Music Productions Ltd.
2 Get Ready 2 audio iTunes 2002 Vik Recordings
3 Red Hair / She Ain't Coming Back / Sexy 6 audio iTunes 2005
4 Shook 6 audio iTunes 2002 UOMO International
5 Spread My Wings 5 audio iTunes 2003 Vik Recordings
6 Back For More 13 audio iTunes 2004 Sony BMG Music (Canada) Inc.
7 Get Ready 3 audio iTunes 2002 UOMO International
8 Let's Go 2 audio iTunes 2006 ZYX Music
9 Let's Go 3 audio iTunes 2005 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Germany)
10 Let's Go 3 audio iTunes 2005
11 Let's Go 4 audio iTunes 2006
12 Fresh 11 audio iTunes 2010-08-03 UOMO International
13 Shook 5 audio iTunes 2002
14 Shook 4 audio iTunes Not On Label
15 Alive 10 audio iTunes 2013-02-05 Universal
16 Back For More 10 audio iTunes Not On Label
17 Platinum Collection Of Shawn Desman 6 audio iTunes 2006 Not On Label
18 Let's Go 3 audio iTunes 2006 Redboy Recordings
19 Electronic Press Kit 4 audio iTunes 2002
20 Shook 4 audio iTunes 2002
21 Get Ready 5 audio iTunes 2002
22 Shiver 3 audio iTunes 2010-02-23 Uomo Records
23 Shiver (Remix) 3 audio iTunes 2010-05-18 Uomo Records
24 Shiver (Uomo Remix) 3 audio iTunes 2010-05-25 Uomo Records
25 Shiver (French Mixes) 2 audio iTunes 2010-06-01 Uomo Records
26 Night Like This 3 audio iTunes 2010-06-15 Uomo Records
27 Nobody Does It Like You 3 audio iTunes 2012-05-22 Universal Music Canada Inc.
28 Dum Da Dum 3 audio iTunes 2012-09-25 Universal Music Canada Inc.
29 Dum Da Dum (Version Française) 3 audio iTunes 2013-01-22 Universal Music Canada Inc.
30 Stuck (Version Française) 3 audio iTunes 2013-08-20 Universal Music Canada Inc.
31 Don't Want To Lose You (Remixes) 4 audio iTunes 1999 SPG Music Productions Ltd.

Shawn Bosco Fernandes (born January 12, 1982), better known by his stage name Shawn Desman, is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor of Portuguese descent. He is signed to Universal Music Canada. Shawn Desman attended St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School in Toronto where he took part in many talent shows and events. In 1998, Shawn Fernandes was in the Boomtang Boys video for their song "Squeezetoy" as a dancer. He had a few recordings in English and Portuguese under his real name Shawn Fernandes before adopting the name Desman. According to his own account, he adopted the name Desman because in his youth his friends referred to him as "Dez, man" - thus creating his artistic pseudonym Desman. His self-titled breakthrough album in 2002 featured three top ten singles ("Shook", "Spread My Wings" and "Get Ready") on the Canadian charts. The album went on to achieve gold certification in Canada. The single, "Spread My Wings", is a cover of the unreleased male group, Vega, featuring Chilli of TLC. His follow-up album, Back for More garnered a Juno Award for Best R&B Recording which featured the number one hit single "Let's Go". His recent album Fresh garnered two gold singles, one platinum single, Video of the Year at the Much Music Video Awards, Canadian Dance/Pop Song of the year at the Stylus Awards, as well as SOCAN Number 1 Award for Electric/Night Like This. Shawn Desman is also a producer and has worked with various artists producing hit singles for Nick Carter, Kreesha Turner, Keshia Chante, Danny Fernandes, as well as contestants on YTV's The Next Star where he produced the song (One More First Chance) for Brock Zanrosso in 2009 and "It Might Be You" for contestant Parker Schmidt in 2011. In 2013, Shawn Desman released his fourth studio album, Alive along with an accompanying short film of the same name. The album spawned two hit singles; "Nobody Does It Like You" and "Dum Da Dum".

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