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Также известно как: Cassettebaby, Cassettebad, Cassettebag, Cassettebaneoftheirownlives, Cassettebarber, Cassettebedknobsandbroomsticks, Cassettebedlamicblokes, Cassettebellyup, Cassettebenders, Cassettebexhill-On-Sea, Cassetteblooper, Cassettebobforapples, Cassettebobpinate, Cassetteboneym, Cassetteboob?, Cassetteboringnow, Cassettebothered, Cassettebrianmay, Cassettebritney's Twisters, Cassettebryanadams, Cassetteburglar, Cassettebutter, Cassettebye!, Cassettezzzzzzzz
Члены группы Cassetteboy: Mike Cassette, Si Boy
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/bloodycassetteboy, http://uk.youtube.com/user/cassetteboy

Дискография Cassetteboy:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Parker Tapes 100 audio iTunes 2002
2 Festive Christmas 33 audio iTunes 2002 Barry's Bootlegs
3 Inside A Whale's Cock Vol 1 31 audio iTunes 2003-12-08 Barry's Bootlegs
4 Di + Dodi Do Die 2 audio iTunes 2000 Barry's Bootlegs
5 Mick's Tape 44 audio iTunes 2005 Antidote
6 Dead Horse 60 audio iTunes 2005 Barry's Bootlegs
7 Mick's Tape 44 audio iTunes 2005 Antidote
8 Carry On Breathing 87 audio iTunes 2008-06-02 Barry's Bootlegs
9 Festive Christmas 33 audio iTunes Barry's Bootlegs
10 Carry On Breathing 87 audio iTunes 2008-06-02 Barry's Bootlegs

Originally from Chelmsford in Essex, Cassetteboy consists of two semi-anonymous characters known only to the world as Mike and Simon. The name originates from their use of cassette recorders (now replaced by computers) to cut up voice and music samples. Mike describes the musical philosophy behind Cassetteboy: "[i]Basically we record famous people and make it sound like they're talking about sex or drugs. It's a winning formula.[/i]" "The Parker Tapes" (7 years in the making) was released in 2002 to widespread acclaim, bringing with it a great deal of recognition. This resulted in gigs at several mainstream festivals, as well as accompanying [a=Squarepusher] on the American leg of his tour.

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