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Pete Hofmann

Также известно как: Bad Boy Pete Hofmann, Euroboy Pete Hofmann, Hofmann, Mixmaster Pete Hofmann, P. Hoffman, P. Hofmann, P.Hofmann, Pete, Pete "18-30" Hofmann, Pete "Picnic" Hofmann, Pete '0898' Hofmann, Pete 'AMS Distress' Hofmann, Pete 'Pinot Grigio' Hofmann, Pete Hoffman, Pete Hoffmann, Pete Hofman, Pete Slide Hofmannia, Peter Hoffman, Peter Hofmann, Rampant Pete Hofmann, Sir Pete Hofmann
Группа в интернете: http://www.miloco.co.uk/management/pete.php

Дискография Pete Hofmann:

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Pete Hofmann started working at Milo Studios in London's Hoxton Square in the early 90s. He quickly graduated from being in-house assistant to mix engineer and producer, cutting his teeth working with a wide range of artists from [a=Definition Of Sound] to acts on [a=Howie B.]'s Hoxton-based [url=http://www.discogs.com/label/Pussyfoot+Records+Ltd]Pussyfoot[/url] label. He is a regular studio collaborator with [a=Luke Haines] (The Auteurs / Black Box Recorder), and [a=Richard X].

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