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Der Bdolf

Thomas Wehler

Также известно как: B-Dolf, Bdolf
Группа в интернете: http://www.bdolfkunst.de/

Дискография Der Bdolf:

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He's been in various groups and projects since the late 1970s. He participated in the cassette scene of the early 1980s in Germany, mostly with his projects [a=Die Fliesz Band] and Willi Sodom Und Die Gomorras. Some of his various older projects can be heard on the compilation [r=1611787]. He also published fanzines and wrote for other magazines and fanzines during that time. In 1989 he formed the now defunct band [a=FleischLEGO]. He still writes for various magazines, published a few books and contributes to anthologies and exhibitions.

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