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Paul Hazendonk

Paul Hazendonk

Также известно как: Hazendonk, P. Hazendonk
Группа в интернете: http://www.paulhazendonk.nl/, http://www.myspace.com/paulhazendonk

Дискография Paul Hazendonk:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Technique 22 audio iTunes 2002 Basic Beat Recordings
2 Taste 54 audio iTunes 2004-10-00 Technique Records
3 Remote Places EP 4 audio iTunes 2004-12-27 Technique Records
4 Califas 3 audio iTunes 2006-01-00 Technique Records
5 Snowstorm EP 4 audio iTunes 2006-06-00 Technique Records
6 Remixed 2 audio iTunes 2007-04-00 Adult Records
7 Sweet Torture 3 audio iTunes 2008-11-10 Stolen Moments
8 Sweet Torture (Bart Thissen Remix) 4 audio iTunes 2008-11-10 Stolen Moments
9 Sound Shifting 2.0 18 audio iTunes 2009-02-20 Manual Music
10 Sound Shifting: Versatility 33 audio iTunes 2011-05-23 Manual Music
11 The Long Journey (Remixed) 2 audio iTunes 2013-01-01 Proton Music
12 The Long Journey 2 audio iTunes 2012-04-24 Proton Music
13 Sunburnt 3 audio iTunes 2012-09-24 Manual Music
14 Slack Tide 3 audio iTunes 2013-06-24 Hope Recordings

Paul Hazendonk was born in the suburbs of Rotterdam in 1982. Being influenced by music at a very young age, Paul quickly noticed deejays mixing records together and found his passion. His first club gig was at age 18 and after that it all seemed like one big rollercoaster ride. In a relatively short period of time Paul Hazendonk was asked to perform at Hollands' most infamous clubs and parties and he also had his first foreign gigs at age 19. Nowdays Paul Hazendonk has played at nearly all the big Dutch venues and he has also played in countries such as Sweden, Switserland, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Estonia, Belgium, France, Hungary and Ukrain. Throughout the years Paul Hazendonk has done three mix CD's plus numerous releases and remixes for a variety of labels and artists. Same as with the sound he plays as a deejay, his sound as a producer/remixer has evolved from the full on hardgroove techno he used the play at the early days of his carreer, into a deeper intense funky sound, blending elements of techhouse, minimal, progressive house and techno (but who cares for all those genre tags anyway, right?). However nowdays Paul is back producing some hardgroove techno under his [a=Prude Polly] alter ego for a variety of labels. Speaking of labels.. Paul running his own labels [l=Manual Music] and [l=Stolen Moments], and is doing the A&R for a various labels such as [l=Adult Records], [l=Relatives], [l=Work Hard Play Hard] and more..

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