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Hawkeye (2)

Falk Schacht

Также известно как: Mr. Hawkeye
Группа в интернете: http://www.hawkeye.dj, http://www.myspace.com/wwwhawkeyedj, http://www.mixeryrawdeluxe.tv, http://www.mpmsite.com

Дискография Hawkeye (2):

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Hawkeye is a full-time hip-hop and music activist and journalist from Hannover, Germany. He writes columns for Germanys biggest hip-hop magazine "Juice" and for Austrias biggest Rare Groove and HipHop magazine "The Message". He has contributed articles for "Wax Poetics", "Backspin", "Lodown", "Jazzthing" any many more. For three years Hawkeye was the host and editor for several hip-hop shows on german music TV called VIVA and VIVA II ("Supreme", "Mixery Raw Deluxe"). He has produced beats and remixes for German MCs like [a=Ferris MC] or [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Curse+(3)]Curse[/url], and has also done stuff internationaly like his [a=Canibus] remix for 2000 B.C. or for [a=Grand Agent] on his Fish Outta Water LP. For his Solo Productions Hawkeye produces mostly instrumental music that ranges from funk breakbeats to hip-hop to live funk music with his band [a=Imperial Breed]. He also holds lectures about hip-hop at German universities and media academies. And on top of it all Hawkeye is working the wheels of steels for more than a decade playing 80s new school rap, funk, disco and golden era rap with many hints into what is modern today. Currently he is working on his old TV show called Mixery Raw Deluxe to bring it to the web. It will feature a show every week and is concentrated on everything that shows the diversity of hiphop.

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