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Toshi Ichiyanagi


Также известно как: Ichyanagi, T. Ichiyanagi, Toshi Ichyanagi, 一柳慧
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toshi_Ichiyanagi

Дискография Toshi Ichiyanagi:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Music For Living Process / Cho-Etsu 2 audio iTunes 1991 Edition RZ
2 やぶにらみ の コンサート [Yabunirami-No-Concert] 2 audio iTunes 1966-02-00
3 The Min-On Contemporary Music Festival '83 6 audio iTunes 1993 Camerata
4 Music For Tinguely 3 audio iTunes 2006-12-00 Edition Omega Point
5 オペラ横尾忠則を歌う [Opera "From The Works Of Tadanori Yokoo"] 11 audio iTunes 2005 Bridge
6 Cosmos Of Toshi Ichiyanagi III ~ 1960's & 1990's 13 audio iTunes 1999 Camerata
7 Music For Tinguely 3 audio iTunes 2007 Edition Omega Point
8 Electronic Field 3 audio iTunes 2008 Edition Omega Point
9 Drip Music 3 audio iTunes 2008 Edition Omega Point
10 Moving Pulse 耳で聴くステレオ・テスト・レコード 7 audio iTunes 1966 Audio-Technica
11 Taka (Hawk) 3 audio iTunes 1982 Unac Tokyo
12 Improvisation Sep. 1975 2 audio iTunes 2012 Phoenix Records (2)
13 For Jean Tinguely 3 audio iTunes 1963-03-20 Minami Gallery Tokyo
14 Cosmos Of Toshi Ichiyanagi, Recent Duo Works 4 audio iTunes 1984 Camerata
15 Cosmos Of Toshi Ichiyanagi, Recent Duo Works 10 audio iTunes 2000 Camerata
16 船隠 Funakakushi 2 audio iTunes 2013-12-31 Edition Omega Point

Born on February 4, 1933 in Kobe (Japan), Toshi Ichiyanagi studied composition with Kishio Hirao and John Cage, piano with Chieko Hara, Bernhard Weiser and Beveridge Webster. He graduated from Julliard School of Music. When he returned to Japan in 1961, he brought back new musical concepts, including Cage's indeterminacy, within Japanese contemporary music. As one of the leading composers in Japan, Ichiyanagi has composed operas, orchestral, chamber and instrumental works. While composing large-scale pieces, he also became known for his compositions using Japanese traditional instruments such as sho and gagaku ensemble, performed throughout the world by his Tokyo International Music. Toshi Ichiyanagi was the first husband of Yoko Ono. They were married from 1956 to 1962.

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