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Webster Shrowder, Joe Sinclair, Desmond Bryan, Ken Elliot

Также известно как: Vulcans, The
Члены группы Vulcans: Desmond Bryan, Joe Sinclair, Ken Elliott, Webster Shrowder

Дискография Vulcans:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Star Trek / Interstellar Reggae Drive 22 audio iTunes 2005 Trojan Records
2 Star Trek 11 audio iTunes 1972 Trojan Records
3 Red Herring / Vulcanised 2 audio iTunes 1973 Big Shot
4 Journey Into Space The Return Of Star Trek 13 audio iTunes 2002 Creole Records
5 Dr Spock 2 audio iTunes 1972 Big Shot
6 Red Herring 3 audio iTunes 1973-02-09 Big Shot
7 Double Barrel / Double Barrel (Instrumental) 2 audio iTunes 1976 Klik
8 Star Trek / Concorde 2 audio iTunes 1972 Trojan Records

In 1972 [l=Trojan Records] was looking to cash in. They set their sights on the pop culture trends of the day and decided that Star Trek and the wave of new electronic easy listening and "Switched On..." moog based albums were the biggest things going. What could be better than to combine both with familiar reggae riddims, sit back and watch the cash fall into their laps? The production team of [a=Joe Sinclair], [a=Desmond Bryan], & [a=Webster Shrowder] called in [a=Ken Elliot] (formerly of progressive/psych rockers Second Hand) and his newly aquired ARP2600 synthesiser to do the job with a unknown group of studio musicians. The album [r=1488711] flopped. In 1973 they released a follow up album entitled Interstellar Reggae Drive credited to Colonel Elliot and the Lunatics.

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