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Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace

Leroy Wallace

Также известно как: " Horsemouth " Wallace, "Horsemouth", "Horsemouth" Wallace, 'Horsemouth', (Horse Mouth) Leroy Wallace, Horse Head, Horse Mouth, Horse Mouth (Rockers) Wallace, Horse Mouth Obeah, Horse Mouth Wallace, Horse-Mouth, Horsemouth, Horsemouth & Wallace, Horsemouth Wallace, Horsemouth-Wallace, Horsie Leroy Wallace, Hoss Mouth, Hossie, Hoursemouth Wallace, L Wallace, L. Wallace, Leroy, Leroy Wallace, Leroy " Horse Mouth" Wallace, Leroy "Ass Mouth" Wallace, Leroy "Horse Mouth" Wallace, Leroy "Horse Mouth" Walles, Leroy "Horse-Mouth" Wallace, Leroy "Horsemouth Wallace", Leroy "Horsey", Leroy "Horsey" Wallace, Leroy "Movie Star Horsemouth" Wallace, Leroy 'Horse Mouth' Wallace, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallis, Leroy ("Horsemouth") Wallace, Leroy (Horse Mouth) Wallace, Leroy (Horse) Wallace, Leroy (Horse-Mouth) Wallace, Leroy (Horsemouth) Wallace, Leroy Horsemouth, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace, Leroy Horsey Wallace, Leroy Horsie Wallace, Leroy Walace, Leroy Wallace, Leroy Wallace (Horse Head), Leroy Wallis, Leroy Willyce, Leyroy Walls

Дискография Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Far Beyond / More Creation 2 audio iTunes 2001 Soul Jazz Records
2 Herb Vendor / Give Thanks 2 audio iTunes 1975 Justice League
3 If Nanny Was Here / Nanny Was Here 2 audio iTunes 1982 Greensleeves Records
4 Original Armageddon Dub 13 audio iTunes 2000 Stable One
5 Keep On Trying / Herb Vendor 2 audio iTunes Ethnic
6 Di-Nasty 2 audio iTunes Pipper Records
7 Little School Girl / Creation Version 2 audio iTunes 1970 Supreme Records (10)
8 Herb Vendor / Give Thanks 2 audio iTunes Fight
9 Herb Vendor / You Don't Care 2 audio iTunes 1993 Larrys
10 Far Beyond 2 audio iTunes 2013 Bongo Man
11 Far Beyond The Blue 2 audio iTunes 1973 Negusa Nagast

Jamaican drummer/percussionist. Most famous for playing the leading role in the Jamaican movie "Rockers" (1978).

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