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Raul Saaremets

Также известно как: Raul "Ajukaja" Saaremets, Raul Saarmets, Saaremets

Дискография Raul Saaremets:

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Raul Saaremets is a legendary figure in Estonia's music scene. He has also proven himself as a punk/rock drummer and a rock artist as a member of a respectable local group Röövel Ööbik, but still probably his main importance lies in his work as a radio and club DJ and promoter of the local scene. As a program co-director in Estonia's national radio station "Raadio 2", he has helped or supported bringing on air a lot of different alternative music shows (which literally don't exist in the programs of Estonia's other radio stations). His own weekly shows are "Tramm Ja Buss" for drum'n'bass music and the legendary "Vibratsioon" show, which focuses more on house and techno music but is actually playing all kinds of stuff that Raul likes to share with his audience (both these shows can be freely listened to from the internet from Raadio2's website). Secondly, he and Rhythm Doctor were the two guys back in year 1997 to start the Mutant Disco, Estonia's first monthly independent electronic music event. The event is still alive and kicking and as popular as ever in 2006/2007 with Raul and Rhythm Doctor still playing themselves and regularly bringing DJs from abroad for the Estonian audience to see. Raul Saaremets also does some club DJ-ing besides "Mutant Disco" in Tallinn's clubs like "Club Prive" and other places where he gets invited to. He also is a producer at Estonian label Umblu Recordings.

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