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Perfect Lovers, The

Jamie Hume, Michael Baker, Rin Healey, Donat Tahiraj, Adam Park, Marek Rygielski

Члены группы Perfect Lovers, The: Donat Tahiraj
Группа в интернете: http://www.geocities.com/perfectloversnoise/

Дискография Perfect Lovers, The:

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Men or myth? Sightings of this entity have been so rare that some question it's existence. Here are the known facts. Each appearance is accompanied by a wall of harsh sheer psychedelic noise which has been known to cause nosebleeds in some witnesses. Their first presence was through a live-to-air broadcast on 4zzzFM in January 1999. An actual sighting was made at Deviations 2 in the Triple Zed courtyard, documented as part of the Deviations Live series. The next sighting, captured on video, was made out at Underwood. Their last appearance was at the Hub in October, 1999.

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