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Harris Johns

Также известно как: H. Johns, Harris, Harris "I don't know" Johns, Harris "Mad Wolf" Johns, Harris "Oh Mein Gott!" Johns, Harris „I Don't Know“ Johns, Harris John, Harris Jones, John Harris, Mr. Harris Johns
Группа в интернете: http://www.music-lab-berlin.de/, http://www.myspace.com/music_lab_berlin, http://www.spiderhouse.de/

Дискография Harris Johns:

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Since 1978 Harris Johns works as a soundengineer and producer mostly for punk and metal productions. After 1 year working in the biggest studio of Berlin the Hansa Studio, he founded his own studio, the now legendary [l267483]. The first 2 years working in a former stationary shop, he then located to Berlin-Kreuzberg opening his studio there in a loft near the then still existing wall. Later he moved to and founded a new studio near Berlin, the Spiderhouse, which is closed by now. His last production there was in may 2009. The [l267483] he restarted again, prefering to work in his own studios, but also in other big studios and live (Slipknot at the London Astoria, WGT, WFF).

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