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Blacklight Braille

Члены группы Blacklight Braille: Q. R. Ghazala
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/blacklightbraille

Дискография Blacklight Braille:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Margie Ate Some Marmelade 2 audio iTunes 1987 Vetco Records
2 The Manic Acid Rock'n'Roll Of The Bitter Blood Street Theatre And Blacklight Braille 7 audio iTunes 1987 Calypso Now
3 Greet The Fool 15 audio iTunes 1985 Vetco Records
4 THE AVALLON TOWERS ALBUM, FRINGE ROCK 29 audio iTunes 1990 Vetco Records
5 Electric Canticles Of The Blacklight Braille 11 audio iTunes 1981 Vetco Records
6 The Car Ochren Album 12 audio iTunes 1990 Vetco Records
7 The Lyonesse Album 11 audio iTunes 1988 Vetco Records
8 The White Hill Album 10 audio iTunes 1991 Vetco Records
9 The Carmarthen Album 11 audio iTunes 1988 Vetco Records
10 The Castle Of The Northern Crown 20 audio iTunes 1999 Razzled Music
11 In A Dark Garden 15 audio iTunes 2004-01-01 Razzled Music
12 Songs For The Longhaired Suns 22 audio iTunes 1995
13 Dietles Tavern To Shadowland 9 audio iTunes Vetco Records
14 Black Moon Selection 15 audio iTunes 1997 Vetco Records
15 Carmarthen CD 16 audio iTunes 1993 Vetco Records
16 Camelot Castle 21 audio iTunes 1993 Vetco Records

Blacklight Braille is a large, amorphous “fringe rock” collective from Cincinnati, Ohio. They experiment with a wide variety of idioms, including rock, folk, jazz and Arthurian poetry. Thomas H. Owen Knight and Douglas Smith are the guiding lights of Blacklight Braille although there are usually up to ten musicians on the recordings who play a variety of traditional and non-traditional instruments.

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