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Irish Film Orchestra

Irish Film Orchestra

Также известно как: IFO Orchestra, The, Irish Film Orchestra, The, Irish Film Orchestras
Группа в интернете: http://www.ifo.ie, http://www.ifo.ie/ifofilms.html

Дискография Irish Film Orchestra:

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The Irish Film Orchestra has been in existence since 1988. The Orchestra has throughout that time made recordings and given performances of its works which have been marketed and widely received both Nationally and Internationally. Whilst a large number of film scores and album recordings have been undertaken , the orchestras main cultural focus has been in the area of pioneering the works of Irish composers, making a number of notable first recordings, in particular those of Séan Ó Riada. The orchestra also collaborates on recording and concert performances with a number of leading Irish artists including Clannad, The Chieftens, The Corrs, 'Riverdance', 'Lord of the Dance' and The Three Tenors.

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