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Lou Deprijck

Francis Deprijck

Также известно как: De Prijck ?, De Pryck, Depreijck, Deprijck, Deprijick, Deprijk, Depryck, Depryek, Depryf, Depryk, Diprijck, F. Deprijck, F. Depryck, Fr. Deprijck, Francis De Pryck, Francis Deprijck, Francis Depryck, Francis Depryk, Francis Jean Deprijck, L. Deprijck, L. Deprijck, L. Deprijk, L. Depryck, L. Depryk, L. Derijck, L.Deprijck, L.Deprijk, Lou, Lou De Prijck, Lou De Pryck, Lou Depreijck, Lou Depricyk, Lou Deprijk, Lou Depriyck, Lou Depriyk, Lou Depryck, Lou Depryk, Pop

Дискография Lou Deprijck:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Vamos A La Playa 2 audio iTunes 1983 Gamma (4)
2 Vamos A La Playa 2 audio iTunes 1983 Carrere
3 Disco Samba Belga 4 audio iTunes 2014 Not On Label

[i]Born Francis Deprijck[/i], called "Lou" by his friends Succesful Belgian composer & producer, who had international hits with [a112881], [a67618] and his own groups [a234725] and [a14045]. He allegedly performed the vocals on Plastic Bertrand's "Ça plane pour moi" because Plastic didn't make it to the studio the day they were recording it. Recently scored a modest hit, "Pattaya Pattaya", where he's actually living. [b]Compiled part of his autobiography:[/b] (written in 2008, march) Lou debuted in the late sixties with the song "Mais que fait ma soeur dans la machine à vapeur" (which means: 'what's my sister doing in the steaming machine') in an open song contest in his birthplace Lessines (Belgium). He travelled all Europe in his free days to find musical "kicks".(was working for the national telephone company of Belgium, RTT and bought even holidays from his colleges) He had a lot of success in the seventies with his first band, [a14045] The group was formed in the beginning by two people, [a253947] and [a266373] (well known by the hit [r=606438] of the band [a296490]) The funny percussionist Pipou joined the band later and many hits like "Copacabana, [r=574394] and [r=670399] (1.2 million sold in Mexico) where born. Lou bought a small house in -at that thime almost unknown- Miami Beach , where he would later become neighbour to [a266349] and Elle McPherson. During the late seventies he composed and recorded the mega hit [r=375051] but didn't want to bring it on television and find a drummer from a small band of his birthplace named Roger Jouret, renamed for this record as [a67618]. He composed several titles for this artist (as can be seen on [r=615409]) and moved to Jamaica where he formed the group [a234725] , [r=727077] was there first hit. In a discothèque in the center of Brussels he met Sonia Dronier who became one of the "Bananas" for a while and later assumed the alias [a112881]. By coincidence Lou found the legendary French artist [a5951] in the dressing room, fooling around with Sonia, later the trio became friends and worked together. see release: [r=788133] Lou had a grave accident during 1996 in Cuba (fell off a balcony at 6 meters height). He revalidated and is still living in Pattaya (Thailand).

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