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Don Myrick

Donald Myrick

Также известно как: Don, Don "Hipmo" Myrick, Don Merrick, Don Meyrick, Don Murick, Don Myric, Don Myrich, Donald Myrack, Donald Myrick, Pharaoh Don "Hippmo" (Myrick)

Дискография Don Myrick:

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[b]Saxophonist[/b] Born on 06.04.1940 Died on 30.07.1993 in Santa Monica, California. During the late 1960s/early 1970s he was a member of The Pharaohs, a band that would more or less evolve into The Phenix Horns, [a=Earth, Wind & Fire]'s original horn section. Myrick was also an active session musician, working with artists such as [a=Bobby Bland], [a=Heaven 17] and [a=Phil Collins].

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