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Jason Beck

Jason Charles Beck

Также известно как: Beck, Beck Jason, J. "Chilly Gonzales" Beck, J. Beck, J.Beck, Jason "Chilli Gonzales" Beck, Jason "Chilly Gonzales" Beck, Jason "Gonzales" Charles Beck, Jason 'Chilly Gonzales' Beck, Jason 'Gonzales' Beck, Jason 'Gonzales' Charles Beck, Jason Beck (Gonzales), Jason Charles Beck, Jason Charles Beck AKA "Gonzales", Jens Charles Beck, Son Beck

Дискография Jason Beck:

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Born in Canada, influenced by Frankie Goes To Hollywood in his teen years, Jason Beck became most well know for the music he released under the name Gonzales. Based in Berlin and working alongside people such as Peaches and Taylor Savvy he combined hip hop, electro-funk, lounge, and new age goofiness to create his ironic and often surreal musical pastiches. Previously he recorded as part of rock/pop outfit Son, which released two albums in Canada, 'Thriller' and 'Wolfstein'. Nowadays he lives in Paris as a producer and pianist.

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