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Steve Street

Также известно как: Mr Steve Street, Mr. Steve Street, Steeve Street
Группа в интернете: http://www.sugarshackrecords.co.uk/steve.htm

Дискография Steve Street:

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Bassist, Producer & Engineer Steve began his career in 1976 on the Bristol music scene by recording demos for The Pop Group, and later in 1978/9 for Glaxo Babies. In 1978 he helped form the Bristol New Wave band “Europeans”, which only released one single before the band broke up in 1979. Since then he has produced and worked on a wide array of artists including: The Blue Aeroplanes, Electric Guitars, Essential Bop, Vice Squad, Fear of Darkness, Love Jungle, Tears For Fears, Matt Johnston (The The ), Ric Ocasek (The Cars), Green On Red, Billy Mackenzie (The Associates), Chris Hughes, Daniel Lanois, Mick Glossop & Mike Mansfield. He currently works for Sugar Shack Records Ltd. and its' subsidiary Bristol Archive Records [which re-releases music mainly from Bristol bands associated with the 1970/80s punk and new wave era]. Not to be confused with [a=Stephen Street].

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