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Chummy McGregor

John Chalmers MacGregor

Также известно как: C. MacGregor, C. Mc Gregor, C. McGregor, C. McGregorten, Chalmas-Gregor, Chummy, Chummy Mac Gregor, Chummy MacGregor, Дж. Макгрегор, G. McGregor, J. "Chummy" Chalmers MacGregor, J. C. MacGregor, J. C. McGregor, J. Chalmers McGregor, J.C. MacGregor, John Chalmers (Chummy) MacGregor, Mac Gregor, MacGregor, Mc Gregor, McGregor
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chummy_MacGregor

Дискография Chummy McGregor:

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American jazz pianist and composer. Born : March 28, 1903 in Saginaw, Michigan. Died : March 09, 1973 in Los Angeles, California. "Chummy" played with (among others), Irving Aaronson and Glenn Miller. He wrote the songs : "It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That)" / "Slumber Song" / "Doin' the Jive" / "Moon Dreams" / ""Sold American" / "Sometime" / "Solid As a Stonewall Jackson" / "Mister-Lucky-Me" / "Simply Grand" / "If Not For You" / "The Technical Training Command"/ "I Sustain the Wings" / "The Cage" / "Berceuse" / "Evidence" / "Disclosure" / "Down East" / "Allegro" / "The Camp Meeting" / "The Circus Band".

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