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Eddie Durham

Eduard "Eddie" Durham

Также известно как: Durham, Durhan, Э. Дерхэм, E Durham, E. Durham, ED, Ed Durham, Ed. Durham, Edward Durham, Freddie Green, Furham
Группа в интернете: http://astore.amazon.com/eddidurhswinm-20, http://www.txstate.edu/ctmh/tmho/classroom/eddie-durham.html, http://www.youtube.com/topsydurham#g/p, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Durham

Дискография Eddie Durham:

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b. 19/08/1906 in San Marcos, Texas d. 06/03/1987 in New York, N.Y. Trombonist-arranger Eddie Durham, who appeared with [a=Walter Page]'s "Blue Devils", [a=Bennie Moten], [a=Count Basie] and [a=Jimmie Lunceford], was also a convincing guitarist, and one of the first to adopt the electric guitar (just invented in 1931) after using instruments with a resonator. He experimented with proto-amplifiers as early as 1929, for example in the solo of [i]Band Box Shuffle[/i] (with Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, in October 1929), and recorded one of the first amplified guitar tracks in 1935 (on Jimmie Lunceford's cover of [i]Hittin' The Bottle[/i]). From 1936 to 1938, Durham arranged and composed many pieces for Count Basie's groups and orchestras: [i]John's Idea[/i] (July 1937), [i]Time Out[/i] (August 1937), [i]Topsy[/i] (August 1937), [i]Out The Window[/i] (October 1937), [i]Sent For You Yesterday[/i] (February 1938), [i]Swinging The Blues[/i] (february 1938), [i]Every Tub[/i] (February 1938). In the '40s, Durham became musical director of the [a=International Sweethearts Of Rhythm], an all-female jazzband. At the same time, he was leading his own combo, which included some Kansas City swing veterans such as [a=Buster Smith] and [a=Hot Lips Page]. Durham maintained his activity as arranger through the '60s, and was playing guitar and touring until the '80s. He appears playing a trombone solo in the documentary film [i]The last of the Blue Devils[/i], directed by Bruce Ricker in 1980.

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