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Michel Palazzo

Michel Palazzo

Группа в интернете: http://www.michelpalazzo.com.br, http://www.myspace.com/michelpalazzo, http://www.urbr.com, http://www.facebook.com/michelpalazzo, http://www.twitter.com/michelpalazzo, http://www.twitter.com/urbrrecords

Дискография Michel Palazzo:

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Michel Palazzo, 24 years, will be completed in 2009 13 years in the electronic music business. In 1996 with 12 years of age through the album Daft Punk @ Homework (Virgin) fall by the electronic music and in sequence, was the interest to mix tracks, listenning the CD mixes from Club Mix 96 with Josh Wink, Todd Terry, Everything But The Girl (Polygram). Since then develops regularly with various collaborators, projects of importance to the culture of electronic music in Brazil and other countries. In October 2003, launched one of the label more exponent, URBR underground records URBR Brazil, 100% specialized, and has already launched in different formats hundreds of producers in Brazil and International Affairs, CDs, vinyl and mp3 releases. In July 2005, starts its own events and also artistic direction in dozens of events. Always with great DJs, new talent and established. Since November 2005 until the present day, colonizing countries of Europe and the Americas, through annual tours with sets featuring unique and exclusive producers of Brazil, disseminating the URBR and loyal followers. Present in line with results already loyal ups, with different DJs of the world, from top nationals and international tops. TOP TOURS Brasil (RS, SC, PR, SP, RJ, ES, GO, AM, CE, RN, PA, PE, BA) México (Cancun) 2003 Alemanha (Berlin, Munich, Leipzig) 2005,2006,2007,2008 França (Paris, Montpellier) 2005,2007 Portugal (Lisboa) 2008 Chile (Santiago, Iquique) 2008 TOP GIGS & RESIDENT NIGHTS URBR Sessions (Brasil Tours), Lov.e Club (SP), Ministry of Sound (Brasil Tours), Hedkandi (Brasil Tours), Defected in tha House (Brasil Tours), Skol Beats 2001 e 2004 Tenda Mercado Mundo Mix Brasil (SP), Tresor Club (Berlin), D-Edge (SP), Island Cruises Faap Al Mare on Board, Confraria das Artes (SC), Pacha (SP), Zenith Day Party (SP), Cafe del Mar (Brasil Tours), Privilege Ibiza World Tour (Brasil Tours), Skytronic (RS), La Terrraza Barcelona (AM), Mood Club (SP), The One (SP), Krypton & Club K (SP) AWARDS 2004 Produtor Revelação DJSound 2005 Melhor Dj House DJSound 2006 Melhor Produtor DJSound 2007 Melhor Produtor DJSound 2008 Melhor Produtor DJsound 2009 Melhor selo Nacional DJMAG RADIOSHOWS Berlin Radio Fritz, Radio Radioaktiv, Radio Blau, Radio Airfunk, Nexus Beatcounter, Energia 97 fm, Metro 98.5fm, Transamérica F, Educadora Fm (Campinas), Joven Pan FM

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