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Dennis Davis

Также известно как: Dannis Davis, Davis, Denis Davis
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/drummerdennisdavis, http://www.drumsoloartist.com/Site/Drummers3/Dennis_Davis.html

Дискография Dennis Davis:

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Drummer. Born in Manhattan. Studied with legendary drummers Max Roach and Elvin Jones. Called up for duty in the Vietnam War, playing in the United States Navy drum and bugle corp. Wounded during tour of duty. After Vietnam Davis performed his first tour and album with jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers. Hooked up with David Bowie for Young Americans album, providing opportunity to play not only with Bowie, but also John Lennon. World tours playing with Bowie. Involved heavily with Bowie's legendary "Berlin Trio" of albums (Low, Heroes, Lodger). Did stints with George Benson and worked with Stevie Wonder in 1979 for studio and live work. From 1991, went full time with Roy Ayers. His first official solo album is "The Groovemaster". He has four children and lives in NYC.

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