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Steve Parker

Также известно как: Parker, Stephen Parker
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Дискография Steve Parker:

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Keyboardist, but also credited as guitarist, mixer, programmer and songwriter - see below. Often associated with [a=Pete Waterman] or his son [a=Paul Waterman] and [a=Dan Sanders] Appearing active since 1997. [b]For the U.K. engineer, please use [a=Steve Parker (2)]. All production and technical credits must be moved there[/b] [b]For the techno music artist [a=Steve Parker (5)][/b] Song credits list from BMI were he is commonly credited together with [a=Dan Sanders] and [a=Paul Waterman] 8222245 1. AFTER YOU RE GONE I LL STILL B 8222007 2. CYPHER 8222001 3. DEEP INSIDE 8222002 4. DRUGGERNAUGHT 8222003 5. GIVING UP THE TRUTH 8222004 6. I M A SLAVE 8222005 7. INTO THE NIGHT 8222006 8. NEWFOUNDLAND 8222008 9. ONLY ONE 8222241 10. SENZA VOCE 8222242 11. TEQUILA SUNRISE 4863969 12. UNTIL THE DAY 8222009 13. WASTING 8222010 14. WHEN I HEAR YOUR NAME

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