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Keith Dobson

Также известно как: Dobson, K. Henry Dobson, Keith Keith, Kif-Kif Dobson

Дискография Keith Dobson:

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English musician who started as a drummer in the hippy band Here & Now (with pseudonym Kif Kif Le batteur) in the early 1970s. In 1979 Dobson formed the industrial/punk bands "The 012", and in 1985 "World Domination Enterprises", in these bands he switched to guitar. “There is no real difference between hippy and punk,” he argues. “They were both essentially about youth wising up to the charade of society being played out around them and reacting to it. There is also a lot of the essence of improvisation in World Dom and The 012. That ‘immediacy of the moment’ was something I worked with very consciously, and in a way it was a continuation of what had started in Here & Now. I wanted to take this ‘moment’ thing up to another level.” Keith Dobson also founded the labels [l68359] and [l161505]

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