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John Harris

Также известно как: Harris, J. Harris, John Harris Effanel

Дискография John Harris:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл

Engineer and mixer who has worked for over 20 years for Effanel Music, a live and portable music recording company, acquired by XM Satellite Radio in 2005. He has recorded live concerts for major artists and broadcast on the television programs [i]MTV Unplugged[/i], [i]VH1 Storytellers[/i], the Grammy Award broadcasts, recently working with [a=Jay Vicari]. He was part of the production and engineering team for [i]Genius Loves Company[/i], [a=Ray Charles]'s final album. [b]PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN ASSIGNING CREDITS TO THIS ARTIST![/b] Other artists with the same name exist (list not complete): For the bassist/guitarist/producer, having worked with Massive Attack among others, please see [a=Jon Harris]. For the British composer, arranger, conductor and musical director, please see [a=Johnny Harris]. For the American rockabilly singer born in 1932, please see [a=Johnny Ray Harris]. For the bassist, please see [a=John Harris (2)] or [a=John Harris (25)]. For the saxophonist/clarinetist/flautist, member of The Sandals and Godhead, please see [a=John Harris (3)]. For the harmonicist, please see [a=John Harris (4)]. For the American producer and keyboardist, please see [a=John Harris (6)]. For the funk/soul/jazz drummer, aka Iron Man, please see [a=John Harris (8)]. For the jazz drummer appearing on releases by [a=Horace Silver], please see [a=John Harris, Jr.] For the guitarist/songwriter, member of The Blue Stars, please see [a=John Harris (10)]. For the coordinator, appearing on Stevie Wonder releases, please see [a=John Harris (11)]. For the hardcore guitarist, member of Kings of Oblivion, please see [a=John Harris (12)]. For the songwriter, please see either [a=John Harris (15)] or [a=John Harris, Jr. (2)]. For the British journalist and music critic, please see [a=John Harris (16)]. For the songwriter (Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow/Surfin' Bird/...), please use [a=John Harris (26)] (+ ANV if necessary).

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