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Jocelyn Pook Ensemble, The

Также известно как: Jocelyn Pook And Ensemble
Члены группы Jocelyn Pook Ensemble, The: Abdullah Chhadeh, Harvey Brough, Jacqueline Norrie, Jocelyn Pook, Kelly McCusker, Manickam Yogeswaran, Melanie Pappenheim, Sally Herbert, Sophie Harris

Дискография Jocelyn Pook Ensemble, The:

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The Jocelyn Pook Ensemble's repertoire features music from her Real World album 'Untold Things', as well as selections from some of her film and television scores, including 'Eyes Wide Shut', 'L'emploi du temps' and 'In a land of plenty'. Many of the concerts have incorporated a strong visual element, more recently provided by the artist Dragan Aleksić. Regular members of the ensemble include Harvey Brough (psaltery/keyboards/voice), Melanie Pappenheim (mezzo soprano), Parvin Cox (Persian voice), Manickam Yogeswaran (South Indian singer) Jacqueline Norrie (violin), Sally Herbert (violin), Kelly McCusker (violin/voice), Sophie Harris (cello) and Abdullah Chhadeh (qanun).

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