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Allan Parsons

Allan Parsons

Также известно как: Alan Parsons, Allen Parsons, AP

Дискография Allan Parsons:

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EMI Studios 301 and EMI Manufacturing mastering engineer from 1979 to 1992. Australia's leading DMM mastering engineer. In deadwax, look for initials 'AP' (which may look like 'TP' or 'JP' in later years), where both letters are characteristically run together; also 'Mastered on Copper' stamp or 'Emidisc DMM' scribing. Please note that there is a distinctly different style of "AP" deadwax scribing on Australian releases (as seen [url=http://www.discogs.com/Models-Evolution/release/868956]here[/url] for example), for which there is currently no information to confirm the identity of the mastering engineer, and so possibly does not represent an Allan Parsons mastering. In these inscriptions, the initials are not stylised, are not run-together, and each initial is clearly distinct (with a slightly rounded appearance).

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