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J.-F. Jenny-Clark

Jean-François Jenny-Clark

Также известно как: J F Jenny-Clark, J F Jenny-Clarke, J-F Jenny-Clark, J-F. "Jenny" Clark, J. -F. Jenny-Clark, J. F Jenny Clark, J. F Jenny Clark, J. F. Jenny Clark, J. F. Jenny- Clarke, J. F. Jenny-Clark, J.-F., J.-F. Jenny Clark, J.-F. Jennyclarke, J.F., J.F. Jenny Clark, J.F. Jenny-Clark, J.F. Jenny-Clarke, J.F.J. Clark, Jean Fraçois Jenny Clark, Jean François Jenny-Clark, Jean Francois Jenny Clark, Jean Francois Jenny-Clark, Jean-François Jenny Clark, Jean-François Jenny Clarke, Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Jean-François Jenny-Clarke, Jean-Francois Clark, Jean-Francois Jenny Clarke, Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark, Jenny Clark, Jenny-Clark, JF Jenny Clark

Дискография J.-F. Jenny-Clark:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Unison 9 audio iTunes 1987 CMP Records
2 Soli Solo... Plus 9 audio iTunes 1985 Arc - Les Amis Du Musée D'Art Moderne De La Ville De Paris
3 Le Vivre 5 audio iTunes 1994 Minuit 5 Regards
4 A Winter's Tale 8 audio iTunes 1993-10-01 Nato
5 Land 9 audio iTunes 1989
6 Welcome 8 audio iTunes 1987 Soul Note
7 Il Piacere 8 audio iTunes 2001
8 Albert Live In Montreux! 4 audio iTunes 1981
9 Takiya ! Tokaya ! 8 audio iTunes 1997 Label Hopi
10 Divieto Di Santificazione 9 audio iTunes 1977 Horo Records
11 En Direct D'Antibes 4 audio iTunes 1980 Carlyne Music
12 La Maison Fille Du Soleil 2 audio iTunes 1965 Studio Scriptone Nantes
13 Land 9 audio iTunes 1989 Innowo
14 Session In Paris, Vol. 2 "Colour Of Dream" 6 audio iTunes 1980 Paddle Wheel
15 Senza Tempo 7 audio iTunes 1990 Egg Farm
16 Welcome 8 audio iTunes 1987 Soul Note
17 Open Architecture 6 audio iTunes 1993 Ninety-One

French jazz double bass player, born 12 July 1944 in Toulouse, France, died 6 October 1998 in Paris, France. Jean-François "J.F." Jenny-Clark was a French double bass player who appeared, estimated as one of the most important bass players of European jazz. Together with drummer [a=Aldo Romano] he provided the rhythm section for [a=Don Cherry]'s European quintet of 1965, recorded with [a=Steve Lacy] and performed concerts with [a=Keith Jarrett] (around 1970) and for [a=Jasper van't Hof]'s group [a=Pork Pie] (with [a=Charlie Mariano]) (around 1975). As a member of [a=Diego Masson]'s [a=Ensemble Musique Vivante] he was interpreting contemporary music compositions by [a=John Cage], [a=Luciano Berio], [a=Mauricio Kagel], [a=Karlheinz Stockhausen], [a=Pierre Boulez], or [a=Vinko Globokar]. Together with [a=Albert Mangelsdorff] he led the German-French jazz ensemble, 1984 to 1987. Since 1985 Jenny-Clark was mainly working in an acclaimed trio with German pianist [a=Joachim Kühn] and Swiss drummer [a=Daniel Humair].

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