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Kudsi Erguner

Kudsi Erguner

Также известно как: Ahmed Kudsi Erguner, Erguner, K. Erguner, Kudsî Erguner, Kudsi Ergüner

Дискография Kudsi Erguner:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Gazing Point 7 audio iTunes 2003 Rent A Dog
2 Sufi Music Of Turkey 8 audio iTunes 1990 CMP Records
3 No Matter 7 audio iTunes 2008 Metastation
4 Turquie - Musique Soufi 19 audio iTunes 1977
5 Turquie - Musique Soufi / Vol. 2 5 audio iTunes 1979 Ocora
6 Istanbul «Le Livre De La Science De La Musique» (Et Les Traditions Musicales Sépharades Et Arméniennes) 22 audio iTunes 2009 Alia Vox
7 Meditation On The Ney 5 audio iTunes 1979 Philips
8 Islam Blues 7 audio iTunes 2001-04-01 The ACT Company
9 Ottomania 6 audio iTunes 1999-06-00 The ACT Company
10 Sohbet 6 audio iTunes 1988 L'Ottava S.r.l.
11 Conférence Des Roseaux (Ney & Kena) 5 audio iTunes 1984
12 Turquie - Musique Soufi / Vol. 2 5 audio iTunes
13 Pervane (Fløyet Fra Guds Hånd) 11 audio iTunes 2013 Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Kudsi Erguner lives and works in Paris as musician (Ney-flute), composer, musicologist, teacher, author, and translator. He comes from a family of Turkish musicians. His contact with many famous musicians from the older generation, who continually passed through his parents house, and his involvement with various Sufi-brotherhoods, whose music and teachings Erguner studied, left their decisive marks on him. Kudsi Erguner has given concerts and played in major festivals throughout the world. He has researched the music of India, Pakistan, and Turkey, grounded diverse music ensembles, recorded numerous albums, and has worked with such well known artists as Peter Gabriel (Passion, US), Maurice Béjart, Peter Brook, Georges Aperghis, Didier Lockwood, and Michel Portal. Erguner has thus made authoritative contributions to World Music.

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