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Delroy Murray

Delroy Alexander Murray

Также известно как: D. Murray, Delroy, Delroy Alexander Murray, Murray, Murry
Группа в интернете: http://www.delroymurray.co.uk

Дискография Delroy Murray:

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Singer, musician, producer and songwriter. With [a=Robin Achampong] he co-founded [b]Total Contrast[/b] in the early 1980s, a band best known for their 1985-hit songs [i]Hit And Run[/i] and [i]Takes A Little Time[/i]. Murray ("Snudge") and Achampong ("Bootsie") later formed [a=Tongue N Cheek] for whom they wrote and produced using the alias [b]Bootsie & Snudge[/b].

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