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Charley Drayton

Charles Drayton

Также известно как: C. Drayton, C.Drayton, Charles Drayton, Charley, Charlie Dayton, Charlie Drayton, Charly Drayton, Seedy
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charley_Drayton

Дискография Charley Drayton:

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US drummer, bassist and producer, generally regarded as a multi-instrumentalist. Grandson of traditional jazz bassist [a=Charlie Drayton] and son of successful jingle and record producer [a=Bernard Drayton]. Drayton's many credits include working with [a=Herbie Hancock], [a=Taj Mahal], [a=B-52's, The], [a=Brecker Brothers, The], [a=Waylon Jennings], [a=Michelle Branch], [a=Doyle Bramhall II], [a=Ivan Neville], [a=Johnny Cash], [a=Andrés Calamaro], [a=Chaka Khan], [a=Mariah Carey], [a=Seal], [a=Iggy Pop], [a=Neil Young], [a=Janet Jackson], [a=Courtney Love], [a=Cult, The], [a=Robben Ford], [a=Barbara Lynn]. He has been drummer for the Australian band, the [a=Divinyls], during two periods - 1990-97 & 2007-2009. Whilst playing drums in the band for two of their albums, [[m147451] (1991) and [r1563785] (1996), where Drayton produced Underworld], he also married [a=Christina Amphlett], the lead singer of the [a=Divinyls] in 1999. The couple formally live in New York City.

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