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Advance (2)

Michael Fitzhenry

Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/advance

Дискография Advance (2):

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I went to my first show in 1997 to see Prodigy at the HFStival in Columbia, MD, and was hooked. For the next two years I collected many mix tapes and CDs from Andy C, Goldie, DB, Grooverider, Virus, Audio Blueprint, and Moonshine. In 1999 while living in North Carolina I started to DJ and go out to shows regularly with the late Lance Alias of 4041. During that year I was inspired by artists Konflict, Dom and Roland, Stakka and Skynet, Bailey, Ed Rush and Optical, Future Cut, Usual Suspects, and Bad Company. I was very fortunate to have seen all of these great artists perform live multiple times in those early years. Moved to Philadelphia in 2000 after being inspired by Injection2012, which was the original US-based Drum and Bass internet radio show that aired from the city. When I arrived I was lucky enough to meet a promoter named, Bruno, from Eternal Productions and together we did massive parties all over the city. Our biggest was a 24 hour event featuring every DJ in Philly, 'Decks on the Beach' in Atlantic City, NJ, which the mayor had to personally approve since we used part of the boardwalk in the heart of the casino strip. That night the headliner was Technical Itch and I did a memorable tag team set at dusk with Reid Speed on the beach for well over 1000+ attendees. During 2002 I joined Koldfront with Karl K and Jae Kennedy as a resident DJ for the 'Forward' shows in Old City in partnership with Kevin Gimble of Circle, which featured such artists as DJ Trace, Fierce, DJ DB, Siren, Sinthetix, and Cause4Concern's first American tour. I was also invited to play multiple times at Dieselboy's legendary club night, Platinum, and began to do shows all over the US with other major headliners including a show for the Red Bull Music Academy. That year I was even featured in Rinse Magazine as one of the "players" of Philadelphia, which was a great honor. Began to learn music production in 2003 when my roommate at the time Chris Kaos showed me how to chop up breaks late at night after he came back from working at Dieselboy's studio on the early Human Imprint releases. Karl K helped me set up my first studio rig running Logic 4 on a Mac G4, and Jae Kennedy seriously kick-started my sample library with tons of classic sample CDs. Karl, Chris, and Jae let me hang out in the studio with them in those early days when they were remixing tracks for Kemal and Bad Company. I also spent much time with Dub2 MC and Messianian during those first few years and was one of the very first DJ's that Armanni Regin ever MC'ed for at God's Basement in West Philly. In 2004 I burst out onto the global scene with a track called 'Sliver' that was featured on the infamous dub plate spotting website, Place to Be, and then a massive bootleg remix of Faithless' 'Crazy English Summer' later that year with the production outfit, Quadrant. Together we released Arachnid, Closure, and Manipulated Living on Renegade Hardware from 2005-2006. We also did our own radio internet show called LiveWire, which featured guests such as Dieselboy, Skynet, Concord Dawn, and Koldfront. During that time we also worked on remix material under the alias 'Missing Persons' with Chuck Treece of Bad Brains/Urge Overkill for a punk rock artist he had discovered by the name of Leiana. I parted ways with Quadrant in early 2007 and took a small break from the scene. During that time I lived with Skynet in South Philly. He sold me his legendary EMU sampler and showed me some of his techniques in the studio. In 2008 I released Pressure Wounds on Dieselboy's Human Imprint, and Transmission with NC-17 & AK1200 for DJ Trace's DSCI4 Recordings. In 2009 I met Hunter Watson forming the production outfit, Legion, and we started our own label, Sine Language Imprint. The debut EP, 'Signal of Design,' received massive support from Ed Rush & Optical, Dom and Roland, John B, and the Upbeats to name a few. Over the years I have come to be known for my dark and moody rollers. Currently I live just outside of Manhattan and have taken more of a mentor role myself with other new artists and continue to assist with the label.

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