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Paul O'Neill

Paul O'Neill

Также известно как: O' Neil, O'Neill, P. O'Neill, P.O'Neill, Paul O'Neil

Дискография Paul O'Neill:

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Composer, lyricist, guitarist and producer from New York (NY, USA). He started his career by playing in some high school rock bands and some by doing some folk guitar gigs downtown. His first serious steps into the world of music was as a touring guitarist with the musical productions of Jesus Christ Superstar in Hair. From 1980 till 1985 he worked as manager for [a1881719] and became one of the biggest rock promoters in Japan working with artists like [a=Madonna] and [a=Sting]. As a producer he worked with lots of bands like [a=Aerosmith] and [a=Savatage]. In 1996 he formed [a271510].

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