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Richard Dodd

Richard Dodd

Также известно как: R. Dodd, Rechard Dodd, Richard 'Call Me Lucky' Dodd, Richard Dod, Richard Dodds, Richard Todd
Группа в интернете: http://www.richarddodd.com/

Дискография Richard Dodd:

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Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Producer. His most notable and longest creative relationship has been with [a=Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers]. Dodd earned a “Best Engineered Recording” Grammy for the 1995 album "[r=379493]" by [a=Tom Petty] and a "Best Contemporary Blues Recording" Grammy for the 2001 album "Nothing Personal" by [a=Delbert McClinton]. He is also known for his work with [a=George Harrison], [a=Roy Orbison], [a=Boz Scaggs], [a=Wilco], [a=Green Day], [a=Steve Earle],[a=Robert Plant], [a=Traveling Wilburys] and [a=Clannad]. Richard Dodd is a transplanted Englishman currently residing in Nashville and spends most of his time at his studio there mixing and/or mastering a wide variety of artists. Early career included work in UK at [l=Nova Sound Studios, London] since the early 70s and at [l=Marquee Studios] from the middle of the 70s.

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