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Kevin Metcalfe

Kevin Metcalfe

Также известно как: "Careful" Kevin Metcalf, (Careful' Kevin Metcalfe, A Kev Killa, Careful Kevin Metcalf, K-M, K. Metcalf, Kelvin Metcalfe, Kev, Kev., Kevan, Kevin, Kevin Metcalf, Kevin "Careful" Metcalfe, Kevin "Herbstalk" Metcalf, Kevin "Herbstalk" Metcalfe, Kevin 'Bat Ears' Metcalfe, Kevin 'dB' Metcalfe, Kevin 'Overpar' Metcalfe, Kevin 'Up The Board' Metcalfe, Kevin Herbstalk Metcalfe, Kevin Mefcalf, Kevin Metcafe, Kevin Metcalf, Kevin Metcalfe at Utopia, Kevin Metcalfen, Kevin Metcalffe, Kevin Metcallfe, Kevin Metcalve, Kevin Metcliffe, Kevin Mettcalfe
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/cuttingkev, http://www.soundmasters.co.uk, http://www.facebook.com/TheSoundmasters, http://www.emasters.co.uk

Дискография Kevin Metcalfe:

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Sound mastering engineer with an impressive repertoire of all kinds of artists and all types of musical styles under his belt. History: 1973-1975 at RCA Records, 1975-1979 at Delane Lea / CTS Studios, 1979-1983 at Utopia Studios, 1983-1998 at Townhouse Studios, EMI Music (Formerly Virgin Records), and since 1999 at Soundmasters, UK. Most recently, he has made his skills available online.

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