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Mieszko Talarczyk

Mieszko Andrzej Talarczyk

Также известно как: M. Talarczyk, Miersko, Miesko Talarczyk, Mieszco Talarczyk, Mieszko, Mieszko "Gravedigger" Talarczyk, Mieszko "Nasum" Talarczyk, Mieszko A Talarczyk, Mieszko A. Talarczyk, Mieszko T., Mieszko Talarcyk, Mieszko Talarczyck, Mieszko Talarszyk, Mieszko Talarzyk, Mieszko Talarzyk (Lord Of Erections), Miezko Talarczyk, Mr. Mieszko A. Talarczyk, Myesko Talarczik
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mieszko_Talarczyk

Дискография Mieszko Talarczyk:

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Mieszko Talarczyk (December 23, 1974 in Poland – December 26, 2004 in Thailand) was the lead singer and guitarist of the Swedish grindcore band Nasum, Genocide Superstars, Krigshot and Charles Harfager. He co-founded Soundlab studios with Millencolin guitarist Mathias Färm. In 2004, Mieszko went on holiday to Thailand with his girlfriend during a break in between albums, and died in the tsunami disaster on December 26, 2004. His body was identified on February 16, 2005 and his remains were transported back to his hometown of Örebro, Sweden where his funeral was held on 30 March.

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