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David Briggs

David Briggs

Также известно как: Briggs, D. Briggs, Dave Briggs
Группа в интернете: http://thrasherswheat.org/friends/briggs.htm, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Briggs_(producer)

Дискография David Briggs:

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American producer, born 29 February 1944 in Douglas, Wyoming, USA, died of cancer 26 November 1995. Best known for his work with [a=Neil Young] and his band [a=Crazy Horse]. [b]PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN ASSIGNING CREDITS TO THIS ARTIST![/b] Other artists with the same name exist (list not complete): For the producer from Nashville, songwriter, keyboardist, publisher, music director, owner of Quadrafonic Studios and House of David, please use [a=David Briggs (2)]. For the former lead guitarist of [a=Little River Band], now producer, recording and mastering engineer, please use [a=David Briggs (3)]. For the classical organist, please use [a=David Briggs (5)]. For the hardcore drummer, please use [a=David Briggs (7)].

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