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This Is Serious Mum

Также известно как: T.I.S.M., This Is Serious Mum
Члены группы TISM: Eugene De La Hot Croix Bun, Humphrey B. Flaubert, Jock Cheese, Leek Van Vlalen, Les Miserables, Ron Hitler-Barassi, Sean Kelly (24), Tokin Blackman
Группа в интернете: http://www.disinfo.com/archive/pages/dossier/id165/pg1/index.html

Дискография TISM:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Jung Talent Time (The Re-Mixes) 8 audio iTunes 1995-02-13 Genre B.Goode
2 Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me 5 audio iTunes 2005-07-06 Epic
3 Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance 27 audio iTunes 1991 Shock (2)
4 Machiavelli And The Four Seasons 13 audio iTunes 1995 Genre B.Goode
5 Hot Dogma 25 audio iTunes 1990-09-00 Phonogram
6 The Beasts Of Suburban 8 audio iTunes 1992 Shock (2)
7 Gentlemen, Start Your Egos 14 audio iTunes 1996 Shock (2)
8 Australia The Lucky Cunt 5 audio iTunes 1993 Shock (2)
9 The White Albun 76 audio iTunes 2004-06-24
10 Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance 27 audio iTunes 1988 Elvis Records
11 Form And Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion 10 audio iTunes 1986-11-00 Elvis Records
12 Saturday Night Palsy 4 audio iTunes 1989-01-00
13 Gentlemen, Start Your Egos 14 audio iTunes 1991 Shock (2)
14 Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance 27 audio iTunes 1991 Shock (2)
15 The Beasts Of Suburban 14 audio iTunes 1992 Shock (2)
16 Honk If You Love Fred Durst 3 audio iTunes 2002-01-26
17 The Beasts Of Suburban 12 audio iTunes 2001 Genre B.Goode
18 Gold! Gold!! Gold!!! 3 audio iTunes 1998-07-13 Warner Music
19 Defecate On My Face 3 audio iTunes 1986 Elvis Records
20 40 Years (Then Death) 2 audio iTunes 1987-09-01 Platinum Studios
21 The Ballad Of John Bonham's Coke Roadie 2 audio iTunes 1988-05-00 Elvis Records
22 I'm Interested In Apathy 3 audio iTunes 1988-12-00 Elvis Records
23 Hot Dogma - The Interview Disc 22 audio iTunes 1990 Phonogram
24 Martin Scorsese Is Really Quite A Jovial Fellow 2 audio iTunes 1989-06-00 Elvis Records
25 I Don't Want TISM I Want A Girlfriend 2 audio iTunes 1989-12-00 Elvis Records
26 The History Of Western Civilisation 2 audio iTunes 1990 Phonogram
27 Let's Form A Company 2 audio iTunes 1990 Polygram
28 I'm Interested In Apathy 2 audio iTunes 1988-11-00 Elvis Records
29 www.tism.wanker.com 12 audio iTunes 1998
30 Gentlemen, Start Your Egos 14 audio iTunes 2001
31 Shut Up - The Footy’s On The Radio 3 audio iTunes 1997-06-00 Genre B.Goode
32 Shut Up - The Footy's On The Radio (21st Century Remix) 3 audio iTunes 2010-03-21 Genre B.Goode
33 This Is Serious Mum 10 audio iTunes 1985-11-00 Not On Label (TISM Self-released)
34 The Making Of De Rigueurmortis 3 audio iTunes 2001-09-27
35 Hot Dogma 24 audio iTunes 1990 Phonogram
36 Hot Dogma 26 audio iTunes 1990 Phonogram
37 Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance 27 audio iTunes 1991 Shock (2)
38 Hot Dogma 20 audio iTunes 1990-09-00 Phonogram
39 (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River 3 audio iTunes 1995 Genre B.Goode
40 40 Years (Then Death) 2 audio iTunes 1987 Platinum Studios
41 Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me 3 audio iTunes 2004-10-00 Madman
42 Hot Dogma 30 audio iTunes 2009 Genre B.Goode
43 The TISM Television Primer 10 audio iTunes 1989 Not On Label (TISM Self-released)
44 If You're Not Famous At Fourteen, You're Finished 3 audio iTunes 2001 Festival Mushroom Records
45 Unauthorised, Unofficial, Unendorsed, Underpants 74 audio iTunes 2011-12-05 Not On Label (TISM)
46 Machiavelli And The Four Seasons 17 audio iTunes 2009 Genre B.Goode
47 Incontinent In Ten Continents 3 audio iTunes 1995 Not On Label (TISM Self-released)
48 Incontinent In Ten Continents 3 audio iTunes 1991 Not On Label (TISM Self-released)
49 The White Albun : Sample Disc 5 audio iTunes 2004-05-00
50 Great Truckin' Songs Of The Renaissance 26 audio iTunes 1988 Elvis Records
51 Machiavelli And The Four Seasons 13 audio iTunes 1995-05-01 Genre B.Goode

This Is Serious Mum (TISM) formed in 1982 in Springvale (the Melbourne suburb). The Australian "anti-band" have created some of the most scathing satires about kultur. After recording over 100 songs (the legendary unreleased "Bedroom Tapes"), the band suddenly split up. They reformed eighteen months later, inviting future Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating, Philip Roth, and guitarist Eddie Van Halen to join the band as lead tambourine player. All three declined. Playing their first headlining shows throughout 1985, TISM hid their real identities by always performing onstage in balaclavas and surreal clothing, developing a directly confrontational and self-mocking live style. Ron 'Hitler' Barassi and Humphrey B. Flaubert, and other members were able to evolve fluidly through line-up changes, while creating memorable public personas, influenced by the Surrealists, Captain Beefheart, David Bowie, and Frank Zappa. Through a series of seminal early releases, including Defecate on My Face (1986), Form and Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion (1986), and Great Truckin' Songs of The Renaissance (1988), TISM's cult reputation and satirical outlook on the Australian psyche is quickly established. Signing to Phonogram, TISM released Hot Dogma (1990) to poor sales, and were "dropped" from their label, but are captured live in Leo Berkeley's film Holidays On The River Yarra (1990). Rumored to have broken up, the band return with a vengeance by signing to independent label Shock Records, and releasing the Beasts of Suburban EP (1992), and the well-received Gentlemen, Start Your Egos (1992) album. Controversy flares again in 1993 when artist Ken Done sues the band over their cover to the "Australia The Lucky Cunt" single, whose Koala-with-Syringe parodied Done's visual style. The single was withdrawn after a week; it was later re-released under the title "Censored Due To Legal Advice" with an alternative cover mocking Sinead O'Connor's blistering attack on the Pope. Visceral live performances throughout 1993 and 1994 established high expectations for Machiavelli and the Four Seasons (1995). The album's singles "Jung Talent Time"; "[He'll Never Be An] Ol' Man River" (about River Phoenix) and "Greg! The Stop Sign" were extremely popular. TISM's song-writing and techno-beats captured the attention of fans. TISM, the ultimate anti-band, found themselves "peaking" on the Australian national charts. After years of being exiled in the wilderness, Ron 'Hitler' Barassi reacted, with disbelief. Shock Records took advantage of this newfound popularity by re-releasing the album in 1996 with the Machines Against The Rage live sessions. TISM spent most of 1996 touring and performing live on Australian television shows. TISM had evolved into a 'core' quartet. Session members and live performers rounded out the band as required. The single "Shut up, the Footy's on the Radio" (1997) was dismissed by most fans as commercial opportunism, but the next single "Yob" (1997) suggested a further maturation of the band's techno-pop fusion, which dominated TISM's www.tism.wanker.com (1998). De Rigueurmortis (2001) continues TISM's Rabelaisian tradition. Debate still rages over TISM and their legacy. Critics claim that TISM's output has become increasingly commercial and remains offensive to some audiences. But fans relish a band that dares to attack Australian and international icons so openly (except for failed entrepreneur-turned-criminal Christopher Skase).

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