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Jean-Jacques Souplet

Также известно как: J. J. Souplet, J.-J. Souplet, J.-J.Souplet, J.J. Souplet, Jean - Jacques Souplet, Jean Jacques Souplet, Jean Pierre Jacques Souplet

Дискография Jean-Jacques Souplet:

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French producer born in 1946 and died in 2011, son of Jacques Souplet ([l=CBS France] director). From the 1970's to the 1990's, he worked at EMI or CBS and was part of the success of [a=Dave (13)], [a=Francis Cabrel], [a=Gérard Lenorman], [a=Jeanne Mas], [a=Céline Dion], [a=Patricia Kaas], [a=Anne-Marie David], [a=Gérard Blanc], [a=Alain Chamfort], Renaud [a=Detressan], [a=Jacques Blanchard], [a=Adamo], [a=Titanic (3)], [a=Marcel Amont], [a=Régine], [a=Pierre Delanoë], [a=Didier Barbelivien], [a=Patrick Loiseau], [a=Jean-Pierre Bourtayre], ... He was also the founder and director of the french independent distributor [l=Night & Day]

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