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Kerry Brown

Также известно как: 'The Reputable Mr. Kerry Brown', Brown, K. Brown, Kerry, Kerry "Enchilada" Brown, Kerry "Kiwi" Brown, Kerry "Mango" Brown, Kerry "Studio-Dog" Brown, Kerry 'The Bad Otter' Brown, Mr Kerry Brown, Reputable Mr. Kerry Brown, The
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Дискография Kerry Brown:

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Kerry Brown (born 1963) is a record producer, movie soundtrack producer and drummer. He was the drummer in Chicago alternative rock band Catherine in the 1990s. He was married to D'arcy Wretzky of The Smashing Pumpkins at that time. He played drums for the Smashing Pumpkins on the song "Blew Away" and he produced "Starla" & "Plume" for the album Pisces Iscariot.

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