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Члены группы Anubi: Lord Ominous

Дискография Anubi:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Kai Pilnaties Akis Užmerks Mirtis 11 audio iTunes 1998 Danza Ipnotica Records
2 Mirties Metafora 7 audio iTunes 1995 Dangus
3 Sutemus Skambės 3 audio iTunes 1996 Danza Ipnotica Records
4 God's Pantheon 8 audio iTunes 2001 Odium Records
5 Kai Pilnaties Akis Užmerks Mirtis 11 audio iTunes 1997 Danza Ipnotica Records
6 Mastabos Dvelksmas 7 audio iTunes 1994 Dangus
7 Gods Pantheon 8 audio iTunes 1993 Not On Label (Anubi Self-released)

An avantgarde black metal band with strong psychedelic and ancestral folk infusions from Lithuania. Anubi is a name taken from an Egyptian mythology, it is a name of an ancient Egyptian god. The band emerged in summer 1992, when a guitarist Skro and a drummer Renofer started rehearsing and experimenting at home and recorded some psychedelic music. Vocalist Ptah (later renamed to Lord Ominous) joined in 1993 and the band recorded their first demo in March 1993 during fullmoon (which was very important for them), which they called "God's Pantheon" (officially re-released in 2001 as an MCD). Anubi said that these compositions were intented to affect listener's psyche and create a darker world. Later, during 1994-1995, they recorded two more demos and released an EP, "Sutemus skambės", in 1996. The only full-lenght album, "Kai pilnaties akis užmerks mirtis", was released in 1997 by Danza Ipnotica Records; after that an EP was recorded, titled "Sielų pirklys", but it was not released. The band got a four-album deal - the biggest deal in Lithuanian underground history - with Code 666, an Italian record label, but it was cancelled due to a tragic split up of the band: the main person in the band, Lord Ominous (Martynas Meškauskas), lost his life in a boating accident on Lake Michigan in USA on March 30th of 2002.

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