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Dave Lynch

David Izumi Lynch

Также известно как: Dave Izumi, Lynch
Группа в интернете: http://www.izumirecords.com

Дискография Dave Lynch:

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Dave Lynch is a Record Producer. He Started his Career in 1991 as a tape-op at ICC Studios located in the south of England. In 1995 he went freelance as an engineer/producer. His love of analogue recording saw him work out of studios such as RAK, Jacob's, Master Rock throughout the 90's and early 00's working with predominantly UK indie artists. He moved to France in 2004 to work with James Sanger ( Keane Appleton ) but returned to the UK to pursue his Indie roots. He has engineered alongside legendary producer Steve Osborne ( Perfecto / Factory Records ). In 2005 he set up Izumi Records with Sam Reid and Simon Skinner. He currently works out of his analogue recording facility " Harvest Hill Studios" in Sussex England.

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