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Patty Unwin

Patricia Unwin

Также известно как: P Unwin, P. Unwin, P. Unyin, P.Unwin, Patti Unwin, Pattie Unwin, Petty Unwin, Unwin, Unwin P., Unwin Patty, Vuwin
Группа в интернете: http://www.zeit.de/2000/34/Die_Frau_die_Bands_auf_Touren_bringt?page=1

Дискография Patty Unwin:

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Co-authored some major Sound-of-Munich disco hits in the late 70s with her husband [a=Gary Unwin], and has been working as an international tour manager and advisor for more than 20 years, highly appreciated by both artists and crews. She has been given the Backstage Award 2000, the 'Oscar' of the live-touring buisness, in form of a golden roll of 'Gaffer Tape'.

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