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Willie Green

William T. Green

Также известно как: W Green
Группа в интернете: http://erc.000space.com/williegreenblues/, http://repertoire.bmi.com/writer.asp?blnWriter=True&blnPublisher=True&blnArtist=True&page=1&fromrow=1&torow=25&querytype=WriterID&keyid=413133&keyname=GREEN+WILLIE&CAE=0&Affiliation=NA

Дискография Willie Green:

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[b]For the session singer, please use [a=Willie Greene Jr.][/b], often associated with Bobby King & Terry Evans. Delta style bluesman, born in Montgomery, Alabama in the early 1930s. He is self taught on both harmonica and guitar. Sometimes referred to as Willie "Big Toe" Green. He moved to central Florida in the 1950's where he resides today. He was recognized by the Florida State Museum of history and heritage and continues to play many blues, folk and roots music festivals.

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