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John Bergin

John Bergin

Также известно как: Bergin
Группа в интернете: http://www.grindertool.com/

Дискография John Bergin:

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John Bergin had a notable beginning as a self publisher before consolidating some of his previous artwork in addition to new material in the five issue series for Caliber Comics, called Ashes (coincidently Trust Obey's first release was titled Hands of Ash). Moving over to Tundra, John embarked on an extensive project called From Inside as well as teaming up with Jim O'Barr on Bone Saw. John also did a soundtrack for the Crow series. He now has returned to Caliber with his current hit, his very own Comic Series, Golgothika. His diverse career in the Arts not only consist of comic books, but of various graphic work - from album covers to book covers, web design, sculpture, photography, children's books and much, much more. Oh, and by the way... he is also an exceptional Musician less we forget, being the founder and/or contributor of no less than 5 Gothcore and Ambient-Electronic Music Acts; Trust Obey and C17H19NO3 being the most widely known. His work can be found just about everywhere & anywhere.

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