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Source Of Labor

Также известно как: S.O.L.
Члены группы Source Of Labor: DJ Kamikaze, Negus 1, Vitamin D, Wordsayer

Дискография Source Of Labor:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Stolen Lives 18 audio iTunes 2001 Sub Verse Music
2 Full Circle 6 audio iTunes 2001 Sub Verse Music
3 Stolen Lives 19 audio iTunes 2001 Sub Verse Music
4 Sureshotsingles Vol. 1 5 audio iTunes 1995 Jasiri Media Group
5 Overstandings / Whatever 10 audio iTunes 1997 Jasiri Media Group
6 Balance 8 audio iTunes 1996 Jasiri Media Group
7 Wet Lands 6 audio iTunes 1999 Jasiri Media Group
8 Stolen Lives 19 audio iTunes 2000 Jasiri Media Group

The Seattle-based crew Source of Labor have been an integral part of the overlooked Pacific Northwest hip-hop scene since 1992. They have opened for a diverse range of acts, including [a=Gil Scott-Heron], [a=Goodie Mob], [a=Nas], [a=De la Soul], [a=Pharcyde, The], and [a=Ice Cube] SoL has gained their share of underground respect. The group was formed by rapper [a=Wordsayer] along with producers [a=Negus 1] and [a=Vitamin D]. Wordsayer and Negus 1 are brothers born in Seattle but raised in Atlanta; they returned to the Northwest in the early '90s and founded the group. They also started up a label, Jasiri Media Group, and are heavily involved in the community (Wordsayer as a creative writing teacher at Seattle's Franklin High School, Negus 1 as the director of an after-school program). The trio began concentrating on Source of Labor recordings by the turn of the millennium, issuing the Full Circle EP as well as their debut full-length, Stolen Lives.

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