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Susumu Hirasawa

Susumu Hirasawa

Также известно как: Hirasawa, 平沢 進, 平沢進
Группа в интернете: http://noroom.susumuhirasawa.com/

Дискография Susumu Hirasawa:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Berserk 剣風伝奇ベルセルク (Original Soundtrack) 11 audio iTunes 1997-11-06
2 Virtual Rabbit 10 audio iTunes 1991-05-25 Polydor K.K.
3 Sim City 11 audio iTunes 1995-08-02 Polydor
4 Siren 11 audio iTunes 1996-08-01 Teslakite
5 The Ghost In Science/Saiensu No Yūrei/サイエンスの幽霊 9 audio iTunes 1990-05-25
6 Water In Time And Space/Jikū No Mizu/時空の水 10 audio iTunes 1989-09-01 Polydor
7 Tamashii No Furusato (Root Of Spirit) 11 audio iTunes 1992-05-02 Polydor K.K.
8 Aurora 10 audio iTunes 1994-02-25 Polydor K.K.
9 架空のソプラノ (Unreal Soprano) 14 audio iTunes 1997-01-21 Teslakite
10 救済の技法 10 audio iTunes 1998-08-21 Teslakite
11 賢者のプロペラ 10 audio iTunes 2000-10-05 Chaos Union
12 Error CD 13 audio iTunes 1990-10-25
13 Sennen Joyu (Millennium Actress) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 12 audio iTunes 2002-09-06 Chaos Union
14 Solar Ray 10 audio iTunes 2001 Chaos Union
15 Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent (Original Soundtrack) 21 audio iTunes 2004 Geneon
16 Ki-Ga Ki-Ga Ki-Kyo 3 audio iTunes 1984 Lucky Strike Records
17 Music From The Motion Picture Paprika 13 audio iTunes 2007 Milan
18 救済の技法 15 audio iTunes 2009-03-18 Columbia Music Entertainment
19 Siren 14 audio iTunes 2009-03-18 Columbia Music Entertainment
20 Switched-On Lotus 10 audio iTunes 2004-01-10 Chaos Union
21 Aria 2 audio iTunes 2012-02-04 Chaos Union
22 Berserk (Original Soundtrack) 11 audio iTunes Ever Anime
23 Secret of the Flowers of Phenomenon / 現象の花の秘密 / Genshou no Hana no Himitsu 12 audio iTunes 2012-11-23 ChaosUnion
24 Totsu-Gen-Hen-I/突弦変異 10 audio iTunes 2010-06-23 Chaos Union
25 Berserk (Original Soundtrack) 11 audio iTunes K-O Records Ltd.
26 BERSERK -Forces- 7 audio iTunes Pirate Wizzard Recordings
27 Music From The Motion Picture Paprika 13 audio iTunes 2007 Milan
28 「パプリカ」オリジナルサウンドトラック 13 audio iTunes 2006-11-23 TESLAKITE

Born on April 2nd 1954 in Tokyo. In 1979, Hirasawa organised a techno pop group called P-MODEL who has been active ever since. In 1989, Hirasawa started solo activities in addition to his work with P-MODEL. Since 1994 he has staged the "Interactive Live Show". The show involves alternative stories and is based on the audience reaction, much like a roll-playing-game concert. Hirasawa works as a composer for TV documentaries, soundtracks for video animation, image albums for novels, and so on. Above all, he was highly respected for his compositions for the anime drama series "BERSERK" in 1997 and the anime film "SENNEN JOYU" (Millennium Actress) in 2001.

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